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Deadline for Submissions Has Passed!

We invite you to co-create with us as we ask a single question: What does our mutual liberation look like?


Potential topics for workshops/papers/cultural presentations include, but are not limited to:

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

[  ] Black Women, Racial Politics and The Nation State
[  ] Black Women, Gender and A Response to the White House
[  ] Consent, Agency, Pleasure and Desire in Young Women and Girls
[  ] Black Girlhood, Sex and Reproductive Health
[  ] Perspectives on Virginity Across the African Diaspora
[  ] Abortion, Co-Parenting, and other Reproductive Consequences of Sexual Violence
[  ] Trans-Survivors, Community and Campus Sexual Assault
[  ] "Netflix and Chill Phenomena", Trauma and Sexual Violence
[  ] Bill Cosby, Nate Parker, R.Kelly and Other Black Male Icons Who Break Our Silences
[  ] To Our Brothers at Morehouse
[  ] Campus Sexual Assault and Black Sexual Politics
[  ] Chicken or The Egg: The Sexual Violence to Poverty Cycle
[  ] Mixed-Race Identity and Historical Narratives of Rape
[  ] Enslavement and Sex Trafficking
[  ] Sexual Liberation and Emancipatory Healing
[  ] New Imaginings for Justice: Gender-Based Violence and Policy Change
[  ] #SquadGoals: Intra-Communal Violence and Community Accountability
[  ] The Birthing Traditions and Ways of Our Grandmothers
[  ] Black Feminist Geographies of African Diasporic Religions and Rituals
[  ] The Role of Liberation Theology and Healing from Trauma
[  ] Healing Modalities for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
[  ] Voices from the Global South (from the African Continent, the Caribbean/West Indies, Latin America and elsewhere, on the issues of land rights, the impact of colonization,  and other issues that link the global to the local).
[  ] Truth Commissions, The Need for Sites of Memory, and Recognition for Survivors




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