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The Blueprint to Restore Forward

Honest Conversations - not just courageous. 

Black Women’s Blueprint is hosting a series of panels dedicated to racial healing and reconciliation. These conversations aim to engage Black folks and non-black allies in truth-telling, theorizing, and strategizing through an antiracist lens. 


“Since the arrival of COVID-19 and the start of a global uprising in May of this year, social justice organizations across the country have had to mobilize in the face of daunting new challenges in unfamiliar territory. Because these recent protests have been spurred in response to the continued propagation of Black death by the nation’s racist police force, many white and non-Black led organizations have been searching for a more intentional and informed way of working in solidarity with Black organizers and movement leaders. In light of this, there has been a major push as of late to confront a certain discomfort around racial tension — a feeling known as “white fragility” in some circles — and to confront it head on in order to have better conversations about race.” 


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