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Rest in Power to the Victims of the Tragic Shooting in Atlanta

Rest in Power to the Victims of the Tragic Shooting in Atlanta

This month, a massacre took place in Atlanta, Georgia that stole the lives of eight people, six of which were Asian women. We offer love, support, and solidarity to the family members of the deceased, and to the Asian, Asian American, and Asian and Pacific Islander American communities in the wake of this tragedy.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Asian communities have increasingly been the target of xenophobic fear mongering. The spread of anti-Asian sentiment and misinformation about the virus has persisted in the press and has even been condoned by our public officials. This has left Asian people extremely vulnerable to racially motivated acts of aggression. We denounce the patriarchal and misogynistic violence that has taken the lives of these women, not just in this national trauma but in the everyday atrocities.

As Black feminists, we will carry on the fight against misogyny, sexism and patriarchy all forms of raced and gendered oppression with Asian immigrants, migrants, and sex workers everywhere. These systems of violence have cast a long shadow over the nation and our continued commitment to one another as part of a global community has shone a light into that darkness.

In strength and power,

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