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How we returned to the earth for fall equinox

Last week, with friends and family, we witnessed the Fall equinox together. This equinox brings about balance and abundance. This equinox invites us to honor the abundance in our lives and like the falling leaves, shed the layers of that which no longer serves us. Just like the earth, we too experience the seasons and rhythms of nature. It’s important to remain grounded during this time of transition. This week we were blessed with mint leaves, fresh dill, pumpkins, zucchini, squash, jalapeño peppers, garlic, acorn squash, Thai basil, and thyme. With our partners at @indigenouscenterny, we engaged in a medicine walk to identify clover tops, black walnut, white lily root, milkweed, sassafras, deer hoof medicine and more. Scroll to see what we harvested.

“Come listen to the earth with us, For those who have learned to hear its song the earth can soothe the troubled heath, refresh the weary,soften the hardened, redirect the lost.”

-Steve Van Matre, The Earth Speaks

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