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#MLKDay: Coretta Scott King and Edith Savage-Jennings Remember Martin Luther King in Poignant Letter

Throughout his journey as an activist and civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often relied on the wisdom of Edith Savage-Jennings, a New Jersey-based civil rights champion who defied norms and boldly spoke out against injustice. She and Dr. King were close friends after first meeting in 1957. And on the day he was assassinated, April 4, 1968, Dr. King called Savage-Jennings and asked her to stay close to his wife, Coretta Scott King, in case anything ever happened to him.

So that's what Savage-Jennings did.

In a series of letters gifted to Black Women's Blueprint's Museum of Women's Resistance (MoWRe), Scott King writes openly and honestly to Savage-Jennings about the aftermath of her husband's death, the pressures of being a mother and activist, and her commitment to fighting social injustice. Read just a few of the letters below.

The letters are only a few precious materials from and for Savage-Jennings that have been gifted to the MoWRe. Head over to our Instagram page to see more, and to honor the legacy of Dr. King and the Black women who helped make his successes possible.

As we celebrate Dr. King and his legacy on this day of service and justice, let us remember what it takes to move the struggle forward: the energy of the disenfranchised, motivated youth, commitment, drive and allies.

Onward together.


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