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Employer Warning: Voting is a Worker Right So Don't Block the Box

Black Women’s Blueprint is calling on Employers this Nov.6:



At Black Women’s Blueprint, we know our rights and employers should too!

In nearly every state in the Union, employers are required to make accommodations for workers to exercise their right to vote DURING work hours.

The state of New York dictates employers provide their employees 2 PAID hours off of work to exercise their right to vote. Worker are required to inform their employers two days before election day (Nov. 4) they will be leaving their place of work to go to the ballot box and make their voices heard.

Now more than ever, the pressure is on ALL employers and politicians trying to suppress the votes of women and people of color across the country.

Black Women’s Blueprint, the ACLU and the many organizations dedicated to worker and voter rights across the country are watching carefully. We will be sure to hold accountable any and all employers, managers and supervisors – particularly those in the service industry who would stop an employee from voting during their shift.

These tactics of blocking workers from using work time to vote will not be tolerated this Nov. 6.

If your employer tries to prevent you from taking time to vote, report this behavior to the ACLU and the Justice Department, or call Black Women’s Blueprint for help.

Go to:


or for more assistance.

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