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Just Liberty

We’re not supposed to be here

We don’t look like we belong here

You’re absolutely right.

We were never supposed to be here

We were once where we were

Where we were maybe not always safe

But home

Where we were not always together

But we were known to ourselves

Our tongues true and wrapping

Around the cadences of our mothers

blessings our fathers

We knew the faces of our spirits

How familiar the roads and roots

winding waters and winds

Shadows shiny but known

No. You don’t know me.

And I am not supposed to be here

Because we were never supposed to be here

We were people then

As we are now

But then we were home and free

Minding the business of our selves

When they came

Snatching souls for scratch

Scrapping flesh for profit

Dropping dead weight

Anchoring generations

To heart disease, poverty despair

Trauma supplanting excellence in our DNA

Tears flowing through veins of ancestors

Hardening to the kind of salt that gives

Everything US of A its flavor

Police cut their teeth on our chains

Judges balanced scales on our books

Schools and doctors and robber barons

Combing our vaults and brains for treasure they have no idea how to measure

Once stolen

We have reclaimed

Once taken

We have given

Once home

We are now in a place

Where wherever we are

We are not supposed to be

And so we are policed

Slave catching has never ceased

Whether it’s coffee











We are never supposed to be

We were never supposed to be


We cannot belong where

We never chose to be


Even with no choosing

Even with blood diluted by terrors and tears

Inventing innovating advocating

Creating pioneering

The very definition of the

American dream

Burning bright

To offset the nightmare

Of this country

That has always patted itself on the back

While bodies swing

Babies scream

Trees bleed with history



They could have let us be

Decided to build their own country

Instead of pilfering humanity

400 years of torture and tyranny

After we fight, sweat and bleed

To be free

We assimilate, acclimate, adjust

Only to continue to be told

We’re not where we’re supposed to be

You’re goddamned right.

We are not supposed to be here.

We were NEVER supposed to be here.

You brought us here. We built your dreams.

We’ve asked for nothing in return

Just liberty...

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