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Black Women's Blueprint Launches #CosbyWatch in Wake of Retrial

Black Women’s Blueprint is committed to ending rape and to affirming all survivors, including any survivor whether or not she has come forward in the Bill Cosby case. A trial against any person who rapes creates the critical space needed for public reckoning in all communities, in our siloed movements and in relationships fueled by a persistent competition between race-based and gender-based violence where Black folks are concerned. When survivors speak their truths they create that space of listening and affirmation that violence is violence is violence. When survivors speak, they create a much needed space for everyone to speak, even if in a whisper to themselves that they too endured sexual assault. To the survivors involved with the Bill Cosby case, no matter who you are, no matter your background, your past or your social standing, we see and acknowledge your tremendous courage.

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#CosbyWatch #CosbyTrial #CosbyRetrial #SurvivorsDeserve #StopProtectingPatriarchy #DearSurvivor


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