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March for Racial Justice (M4RJ) Endorses March for Black Women

The March for Racial Justice strives to advance the demolition of systemic inequality and its causes in America. This includes ensuring that women of color – especially Black women – are centered in our efforts. We have seen the contributions, stories and experiences of Black transgender and cisgender women minimized or altogether erased from the history of fighting against racialized violence and for racial justice throughout history in all respects. This erasure is unacceptable and we must be intentional about transforming this narrative to shine light on our full humanity and value the intersections in which we live. As we look towards the March in Washington, D.C, we say the names of Miriam Carey, Natasha McKenna, India Kager, Korryn Gaines, Aiyana Stanley Jones, Kayla Moore, Tyra Hunter, Alberta Spruill, Charleena Lyles and the countless Black women who have died at the hands of racists systems built on their backs and raised on their pillaged and plundered bodies. We affirm and proclaim that that there can be no racial justice without gender justice. To this point, M4RJ endorses March for Black Women, including their demands:

  1. Issue a Congressional resolution to apologize to all Black women for centuries of abuses, including sexual violence and reproductive violations against Black bodies, especially the brutalization of trans women.

  2. Beyond the 2016 Gender Bias Policing Guidance, ensure immediate and sustainable measures by the U.S. Government to eliminate incarcerations, incidences of rape and “sexual misconduct”, police murder and violence against all Black women, and especially transwomen.

  3. End the threat against the human right to healthcare and increase access, including all reproductive health care, bar none.

  4. Ensure economic justice for Black low income women at the communal and federal level, many of whom are at increased risk for violence due to lack of economic power.

  5. Cease and desist all threats of deportation of immigrant women across the country, especially those whose deportation may cost them their lives or safety.

We affirm any and all efforts for gender justice at the intersection of race, class, ability, geography, legal status and sexuality. We support comprehensive and inclusive gender justice in America for trans people and support: the human rights for women in the U.S and abroad; a revolutionary transformation of the criminal legal system; full access to reproductive justice; equal pay for all genders; and divestment from carceral and punitive punishment and an investment in the social, economic, political and educational security of all people.. On September 30th, we will march with Black women at the forefront. We march to proclaim #Not1More deportation, immigration raid, police killing, school pushout, murder of trans women or kidnapping of indigenous women. We march, hand and hand with Indigenous, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander women and allies, to demand America #BelieveBlackWomen, #TrustBlackWomen and respect #EveryBlackWoman. We march, united to fight for racial equity, to denounce state sanctioned violence and to dismantle white supremacy which harms us all. In unity and love with the March for Black Women, The March for Racial Justice

March for Black Women Urges 10,000 Letters to Black Leaders

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