10 things to know this week

July 23, 2016

1) JULY 29, 2016 2:00 pm - To Protect and Serve: Understanding Cop Culture and the Clash with The Idea That Black Lives Matter webinar being hosted by Black Women's Blueprint. This is your chance to register.


2) What I Wish I Could Say to My Mother: Understanding Child Sexual Abuse in Black Communities This is your chance to register.


3) We Matter: Transformative Bystander Intervention Everywhere.



4) The Museum of Women's Resistance is Working on Vintage: Respectability and the Hypersexual Gaze.


5) Cosby Watch: Rape is still the subject of jokes, as Comic-Con unveils clip of 'Family Guy' featuring a remake of 'The Princess Bride' With Bill Cosby and Stewie.


6) Black Women's National Healing Circle Online is set to begin in September.


7) Black Women Build Solidarity Economy With a Collective Museum Shop, Swap and People's Bank.


8) Black Women Raise Money for Brazil Black Feminist Conference, For Survivor Led Projects and More.


9) What we're reading: Black Women's Blueprint's Executive Director, Farah Tanis picks up Patricia Hill Collins' new book, Intersectionality and begins the countdown to a forthcoming mamablack review.


10) Ms. Foundation supports Black Women's Blueprint NYC for CEDAW campaign to ensure an ordinance inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender non-conforming and gender-fluid people.




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