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Freedom Fighters:Empower Women/Girls

Freedom Fighters:Empower Women/Girls

Way Makers: End Campus Rape

Way Makers: End Campus Rape

Guardian Angels: Stop Sexual Abuse

Guardian Angels: Stop Sexual Abuse

Protectors: Fight for Our Rights

Protectors: Fight for Our Rights

Healers: Support Trauma Counseling

Healers: Support Trauma Counseling

Co-Conspirator: Dismantle Oppression

Co-Conspirator: Dismantle Oppression

Educators:Preserve/Teach Our Stories

Educators:Preserve/Teach Our Stories

Experience BWB Membership

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Join The Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters are those who believe we are about our ancestors' business. We continue the work of Black feminist and womanist foresisters like Ida B. Wells, Rosa Parks and Joan Little supporting the future of Black women and girls through leadership training and development. The Freedom Fighters support the spaces we create for Black women's direct actions to resist, march, rally, testify, write, approve, disapprove or make our voices heard everywhere we deem fit. Join the Freedom Fighters.



Join The Way Makers

The Way Makers are fierce activist members who know how important it is to end rape, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence on our college campuses so that our sisters (and brothers) can finish their education and have a better chance at better economic futures. Way Makers support our work to stop sexual assault on campuses through bystander intervention training, know your rights through Title IX, advocacy for the rights of survivors and public statements demanding that harm-doers be held accountable. Join the Way Makers.




Join The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels know and want to end child sexual abuse. Join this group of members who support educating moms and dads and other guardians, support church and other religious institution interventions, bystander intervention at home and everywhere, so we can stop child sexual abuse before it begins. Guardian Angels help make the lives of young Black girls, young Black boys and gender-non conforming young people safe from sexual abuse. Join the Guardian Angels.





Join The Protectors

From the advocacy halls in our local districts to Washington D.C. and the United Nations, to our local streets, many of our Protectors are lawyers or aspiring lawyers and attorneys who feel they were meant to protect the rights of others. The Rights Protectors membership helps make sure we have the resources to monitor and respond to the civil and human rights laws that affect Black women and girls and know what our rights are. This membership level makes it possible for Black women to organize, vote, run for office and get to the decision making tables. Join The Rights Protectors.




Join The Healers

When anyone gives to heal others, they become healers themselves. These members who have earned the title of Healers are the members who give to make sure every survivor of child sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault or trafficking can receive healing counseling or be part of a sister circle, especially as the current administration threatens funding for counseling, prevention, intervention services across the country. Healers resource our work to stop sexual violence and the impact of that violence in our lives so we can live lives full of joy and freedom. Join The Healers.





Join The Co-Conspirators

Our Co-Conspirators are our allies and comrades committed to the struggle for peace, equal rights and the liberation for all people. Our Co-Conspirator members support Black women and girls on all fronts. Their membership dues are applied across our work and support all actions and initiatives, including healing, leadership, organizing, advocacy as well as our ability to tell and preserve our stories.  Join The Co-Conspirators.


Join The Educators

Our Educators support the work of our griots, artists and curators and sustain our spaces for community education, for telling our stories and for preserving those stories through the Museum of Women's Resistance, through Mother Tongue Monologues and through conferences like Words of Fire. Our Educator level members make sure that Black women live on in the hearts of younger generations through the sharing of histories and herstories, lessons and experiences.

Become a Member

Why Be 

Part of this Community? 

Be a part of this community because you want to belong to a network of women and girls who care what happens to women and girls. Join over 2,500 members committed to each others safety, each others well-being, each others healing and each others freedom.

Our Gift  to New Members

A well-being stone for new members

A T-Shirt at $20 membership

A Jute Bag at $40 + membership

Free Museum Entry at MoWRe

Discount/Upgrade at MTM Theater

Discounted or Free Conference/Gala

Free Trainings Always


Beverly Guy Sheftall

Loretta Ross

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Alicia Garza

Amrita Kapur

Lynn Roberts

Quentin Walcott

Marie Claude Joseph

Olivia Dowd

Kevin Ryan 


Feminist Future members are recommended by our Founders and community members. To recommend yourself  or someone else for a Feminist Future membership: Contact Farah Tanis 

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Recy Taylor

Edith Savage Jennings

Legacy members are recommended by our Founders, other Legacies and community members. To recommend someone or yourself for a Legacy membersship: Contact Farah Tanis 

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