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This September 30. 2017, Black women and comrades will unite and lock arms and march unapologetically at the center of the scheduled MARCH FOR RACIAL JUSTICE as our very own MARCH FOR BLACK WOMEN. We have always put it simply: Black women's issues are racial justice issues. Black lived-experiences related to gender, sexuality, gender identity are-racial-justice-issues. 

We need you to show up for Black women. 

We give ourselves permission to believe in the power of our demands and the strength of our convictions to take back what is already ours. We cannot allow an isolationist impulse to dictate our movement strategy given the political urgency of now.  As various communities of Black women, we have always faced innumerable personal, and unspeakable brutalities. We cannot allow the travesties that have affirmed disregard for our existence to continue to flourish while we wither away with resentment and stew in our own rage. Continue to act to eradicate oppression whenever it shows up. This has been our inherited tradition for centuries, practiced in diverse ways around the world, both in peaceful protest and in righteous anger in the face of indignation and in the face of dehumanization.


Our March is not only a mass mobilization centered on Black women, but a reminder to every single one of us that so long as Black women are killed by the cops; so long as Black women are taken or go missing; so long as we are raped by friends or by strangers or by nationally renown predators -- there can be NO JUSTICE

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