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Black women. What Do You Need? 

Our mass mobilization is for our security and safety, our human rights and our freedoms. We are calling on the federal government and our own Black communities to take the following actions:

  1. Issue an apology to all Black women for centuries of abuses, including sexual violence and reproductive violations against Black bodies, especially the brutalization of transwomen.

  2. Beyond the 2016 Gender Bias Policing Guidance, ensure immediate and sustainable measures by the U.S. Government to eliminate incarcerations, incidences of rape and “sexual misconduct”, police murder and violence against all Black women, and especially transwomen.

  3. End the threat against the human right to healthcare and increase access, including all reproductive health care, bar none.  

  4. Ensure economic justice for Black low income women at the communal and federal level, many of whom are at increased risk for violence due to lack of economic power.

  5. Cease and desist all threats of deportation of immigrant women across the country, especially those whose deportation may cost them their lives or safety.

When we asked Black women across diversity: WHAT IS IT YOU NEED? WHY SHOULD WE MARCH? HERE IS WHAT SOME SAID?

  • To Protect Our Little Girls from Abuse

    • We want to give our little girls today a better chance of being loved, protected and growing up safe then we had.

  • To Collectivize our momentum

    • Many of us have been building our activism for many months/years and when we pool our resources and our energy more will get done.

  • To Feel and express our passions

  • Black men are still raping Black women and killing black women

    • What does community accountability look like?

    • This March is as much a call for accountability WITHIN our communities as it is to the State.

  • too many of us are in prison

  • We need access to affordable health care

    • How can Black women use this political moment to push for healthcare policy that is comprehensive, affordable and culturally specific

  • To organize/representation/solidarity planning and implementing strategies

    • This ties into our larger discussion of safety as well.  We want to be able to know who is marching with us, who is in the room when we are planning and we also just need space to form meaningful relationships and connections

  • To ACT, tired of the present issues

    • “We are marching because we are tired of being tired” we know we have the power to change the current system

  • Education of black girls

  • Love, compassion, loving each other

  • To show our power in public spaces where we are erased

  • To be connected to other women who are mobilizing

  • Make more noise about the ongoing wars against Black women

    • There isn’t enough noise being made when black girls and black women are raped, are murdered and are disappeared and trafficked  

  • To eradicate our silences

  • Educate the larger community.

Thanks! Message sent.

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